About Frazee Law Group
Frazee Law Group is a Law Firm located in Los Angeles California.  Other qualified attorneys and paralegals are available to accept assignments from Frazee Law Group as the need arises, either to work remotely, in-house, in the courtroom, or in different cities.  However, each assignment is supervised and approved by RoseAnn Frazee.

Frazee Law Group represents clients involved in civil litigation throughout Southern California, both settlements and court cases through trial.  Those cases include bankruptcies, family law, business disputes, personal injuries, neighbor disputes, real estate disputes, civil rights, medical malpractice, probate and guardianship matters, and other types of litigation at both the federal and state level.   In addition, business and estate planning documents to prevent or minimize future lawsuits.

Bankruptcies consist of chapters 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 and related internal disputes called adversary proceedings; family law typically involves child custody and support, spousal support, dividing assets and debts, and domestic violence restraining orders; business planning involves the creation of corporations, limited liability corporations, including by-laws, first meeting minutes and annual meetings; estate planning encompasses trust documents, wills, powers of attorney and other items depending on the estate of the person or couple; personal injuries include vehicle accidents (cars, trucks, buses), dog bites, assaults, and batteries; real estate disputes can involve family members, neighbors or others, such as trees falling or growing onto other’s property, mortgage or other debts, property boundary lines, etc.; civil rights disputes can involve excessive force and other civil liberties.

Firm Technology
Frazee Law Group, while a small law firm, is high-tech, meaning it has trained personnel and software to accomplish many tasks as a large law firm:

Trial Software

Frazee Law Group has in-house personnel prepared to present cases to either a judge or jury using software capable of presenting exhibits (color or black and white) on a screen or monitor.

Document Handling

RoseAnn Frazee and other law firm personnel are experienced in handling large document productions in loading the documents and transcripts into legal databases such as Summation and Microsoft’s Access.  After loading into the software, then the client saves a lot of paralegal and attorney billable time to access the documentary evidence for depositions, trial, or any other time.

Basically, while a small law firm, Frazee Law Group can retrieve evidentiary documents as a “large law firm” would for review and production.


Frazee Law Group can communicate via LA Court ConnectZoom, WebEx, FaceTime, FreeConference, CourtCall , or other software.  Of course, email and text messages are included.

We fight for our clients.
Attorney RoseAnn Frazee does not hesitate to take a case to trial if warranted and is fully equipped with the proper personnel and electronic equipment for trials.  However, she does try to settle a case if possible and willingly participates in Mediation and Arbitration if the client can achieve satisfactory results of the case.

RoseAnn Frazee has been admitted to practice law in all courts in California and has cases filed in different districts along with Los Angeles.

Frazee’s Courts admittance

U.S. Supreme Court
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal
U.S. District Court, Central District of California
U.S. District Court, Eastern District of California
Supreme Court of California
All California Superior Courts


About Frazee Law Group

What makes us qualified?

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– 1987, Opening

At 12 years old, I assisted the attorney in defending my father who was wrongfully accused of a federal misdemeanor crime. The attorney hired me to begin working at 18 years old.  For 14 years, as a legal secretary, I was involved in a variety of cases, including criminal and civil litigation, medical malpractice, patent, probate, bankruptcy, construction, corporate, divorce, and personal injury cases.

– 1996, Los Angeles Legal Support Experience

For the next 34 years, as a computer personnel, legal secretary, and paralegal in large law firms, I was involved with entertainment, probate and trust, real estate, construction defect, bankruptcy, civil litigation, patent law, excessive police force, corporate law, employment law, divorce and a variety of civil litigation both in federal and state courts.

– 2009, to Present

As an attorney, I have practiced in both state and federal courts, along with administrative courts and arbitration, regarding construction defects, patent infringements, bankruptcies, real estate, medical malpractice, family law matters including marriage dissolutions, excessive police force, estate planning, probate and trust litigation, and other cases.

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

Being told many times in my life that I would never become an attorney when admitted to
United States Supreme Court in 2016, I felt I had reached the mountain top.