Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation is every type of case except for criminal and immigration cases.  Filing criminal cases are generally handled by government agencies, like the district attorney, city attorney or state attorney.  Sometimes civil litigation can develop from arrest or actions of excessive force or mistreatment by police, but that type of case is rare.  Most civil litigation can involve contract disputes, personal injury, property damage, debt settlement, employment disputes, defamation, and real property disputes, that is, lawsuits between citizens, companies, neighbors, citizen and companies, or citizens against a government entity.  Frazee Law Group primarily handles cases in Pasadena,  Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside, and San Bernardino County.

court house with the word justiceRoseAnn Frazee is a civil litigation attorney and will take you through the entire process of gathering evidence, securing testimony, filing pleadings and through trial before a judge or jury.  She has been working on civil litigation cases for many years as a litigation paralegal and then for the past 10 years as an attorney in both federal and state courts throughout California.  She is fearless in taking cases to trial if the evidence shows a strong chance of success.

Based on her experience, RoseAnn Frazee can analyze whether you have a good chance of being successful or what needs to be done in securing evidence to make a successful case.  Civil litigation can be partly a gamble in that you have to analyze the pros and cons of a case and how the case should be handled.  For instance, the litigation attorney may recommend mediation or arbitration depending on the case.

Frazee Law Group accepts litigation cases on a contingency basis for plaintiffs if she believes that they have a strong chance of winning in front of a judge or jury.  A contingency basis means that she is not paid her fees unless she wins the case and then she is paid a percentage of the proceeds whether settlement or trial.  However, the client must pay the court costs even though the attorney may advance the court costs.  Sometimes she will enter into a hybrid of hourly rates and contingency fees. For the defense, she charges an hourly rate because she cannot completely speculate on what the plaintiff will do and what actions she has to defend.  Rates and costs will depend on the location of where the case must be filed, that is, the jurisdiction of the case, such as where the accident happened.

Outcomes of a case rely on many different factors, but RoseAnn Frazee has a 80-90% success rate.

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