Family Law

Family law encompasses the practice of law dealing with marriage dissolution and all other aspects of the California Family Code.  In California a divorce is called “marriage dissolution” because it is a No-Fault divorce state.  “No-Fault” means if one party wants a divorce, then that party has a right to secure a divorce without the other party’s consent or without having broken any of the wedding vows.

family law

Frazee Law Group handles all family law matters in a caring, efficient and aggressive manner at a reasonable cost. RoseAnn Frazee will evaluate your case, give you guidance under California law and assess whether it would be beneficial to represent you as a client in Court for a half-hour either on the telephone or in the office free of charge.

You may call (323) 274-4287 for an appointment for an office visit, make an appointment for a telephone consultation or leave a message for a return telephone call when the attorney is available.  Often the attorney cannot make an assessment over the telephone without reviewing the paperwork so an office visit may be necessary.


Legal Separation,
Nullity of Marriage Litigation

Custody of Children

Spousal Support

Division of Community Property

Restraining Orders/Domestic Violence Proceedings

Child Support

Prenuptial Agreements

Taxation Issues
Incident to Dissolution of Marriage


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