David Givot, Esq

David Givot became an EMT in 1987 and graduated from Daniel Freeman Paramedic School (now UCLA) in June 1989.

For most of the next decade, he worked in the City of Glendale, CA, responding to 911 calls with the (then BLS only) fire department.

By 1999, he was traveling around the country working with distressed EMS agencies.  David taught organizations to improve field provider performance through better communications & leadership practices.  He provided tools that bridged common gaps and offered real ownership in the agency’s reputation for the quality of service and care to anyone who was willing to accept it—and a way out for those who did not.

At the turn of the century, he took over as the Director of Operations for the largest commercial ambulance provider in the State of Maryland.  After working to change the way commercial EMS was delivered there, he returned to California to earn a Juris Doctorate Degree and pass the California Bar Exam.

His passion for protecting and defending others has led him to be very well-respected and trusted as a DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney.